The Wharf markets are normally held on the second Sunday of each month, though this may be varied on occasions to fit special circumstances, eg when Easter Sunday also falls on that day   These are “general” markets but are biased towards local and regional produce and crafts, and to provide opportunities to showcase local talent.  To facilitate the operation of the markets the following conditions apply:



a  “Permanent” status is by agreement between the applicant and the Market Manager and may be granted to regular who attend the market every month and who wish to reserve the same site from month to month.  Permanency is not available to vendors who do not attend all monthly markets. Not all regular attendees will necessarily be classified as Permanent.

b Casual vendors are those who have not requested or agreed to become Permanent, or who are not eligible to become permanent, eg, because they do not intend to be regular attendees at the markets.

this website, or (for stallholders who do not have access to email or the internet), by phone or SMS. If in doubt stallholders should contact Marine Rescue by phone

9. Food sales.  Applications from pre-prepared and hot food vendors are encouraged.  However they must produce evidence of their compliance with any State or Federal laws concerning the preparation and/or sale of food in public venues as outlined at the Food Vendors page of this website:


Marine Rescue Ulladulla Wharf Markets: Conditions applying to stallholders