Mobile food stalls.

Food vendors at the Ulladulla Markets must comply with all relevant food handling  regulations, as summarised in the following documents:

Food Handling Guidelines for Temporary Events

And the specific conditions for Mobile Food Stalls that Shoalhaven Council has outlined in the  Development Consent under which the Markets operate.  They are:

10 No food or vehicle is to operate at the event unless the stall or vehicle has a current approval under the Local Government Act, 1993 to trade as a temporary, itinerant or mobile food premise. The operation of any food stalls or vehicle shall comply with the requirement of the Food Safety Standards in force under the Food Act 1989.  The design and setup of all food stalls must comply with Council’s Mobile Food Stalls/Vehicles and Temporary Food Premises Policy.

11 All food handlers must comply with the requirements of Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 – in particular food must be stored and displayed under temperature control with hot food kept above 60 deg C and cold food less than 5 deg C.  Food must be stored and displayed in a manner that protects it from contamination.

12 Each food stall is to maintain a hand wash facility that includes the availability of potable water at a temperature of at least 40 deg C mixed from a hot and cold water supply.  Each hand wash facility must be supplied with hand soap and and an adequate supply of single use paper towel.

13 Food cooked offsite must be transported in sealed containers to prevent contamination and kept under temperature control, for example in an Esky and ice.

14 Food that is to be reheated before serving must be heated quickly to a high temperature to minimize the time it is in the temperature danger zone between 5 deg C and 60 deg C.  A baine-marie is not suitable for reheating food.

15 Food handlers wearing gloves must ensure that they are changed regularly or whenever they become soiled or contaminated.

16 Food stall operators must be aware of the ingredients of each dish to provide advice to customers with specific requirements, eg allergies.